HI there, i’m a utrecht based, freelance visual designer. i had the pleasure to work on projects for asml, vodafoneziggo, danonenutricia and many more

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danone Nutricia ’1919 — 1972 company roots’ panel

Danone Nutricia

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Danone Nutricia

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With over 120 years of company history, it’s time to take a look where they came from and where we’re heading towards. Danone Nutricia asked me to dive into their archives and curate all of their relevant history into a clear and visual company exhibition.

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Fighting climate change, protecting our water resources, and promoting sustainability. After all, healthy food starts with a healthy planet.
— Vision for 2020
Danone, paris, 1919 .  © DanoneNutricia 2019

Danone, paris, 1919. © DanoneNutricia 2019


Are you ready to join the Food Revolution?

At Danone Nutricia Research every consumer and patient deserves optimal nutritional support. They use life science, food science and technology, together with the passion, drive and expertise of over 500 employees, to pioneer nutritional solutions for those with special nutritional needs.

Danone Nutricia research, utrecht, 2019 .  © DanoneNutricia 2019

Danone Nutricia research, utrecht, 2019. © DanoneNutricia 2019

At Danone, we believe that each time we eat and drink, we can vote for the world we want.
— Emmanuel Faber, Danone CEO
© DanoneNutricia 2019

© DanoneNutricia 2019

danoneNutricia heading towards the future

danoneNutricia heading towards the future

© DanoneNutricia 2019

© DanoneNutricia 2019

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